At Premier Aquatic Services, everything we do is built around the element of teamwork. Whether it’s performing a rescue or planning our swim curriculum, we believe we are stronger and more efficient when we work together.

When new team members join Premier, they quickly learn the importance of their role. After all, every decision they make could affect someone’s life. Because of this level of responsibility, we work hard to ensure each of our staff members receives in-depth training from the day they walk through the door, and we continue that training each week for the rest of their tenure with us.

In addition to learning the skills associated with their particular role, Premier empowers our staff members with management and leadership training and experience. We only hire individuals we know we can trust, and we believe in the potential of our teammates. Therefore, we have implemented a management training program for our staff this year. Within the management training program, our staff learns skills and techniques for:

  • Detailed facility management
  • Customer service
  • Customer retention
  • Problem solving
  • Millenial training

Join the Premier Aquatic Services Team

As we ramp up for the busiest time of the year, we are hiring reliable, positive, and dedicated individuals for a wide range of positions across Orange County. Current openings include:

  • Lifeguards
  • Swim Coaches
  • Administrative Positions
  • Summer Camp Counselors
  • CPR and Lifeguard Instructors

The entire team at Premier Aquatic Services is dedicated to our clients’ safety and well-being. If you want to make a difference our your community and expand your expertise, visit our careers page.

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