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Our courses are designed and taught by industry-leading professionals who are motivated to help prepare you to know how to respond and act in a variety emergency situations.

This is done as we progress through the coursework as a class, in small groups, and, when necessary, in one-on-one training with your certified instructor.

…a family member and I took the Adult/Pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid class… I now feel confident to use the techniques they taught today to assist a person in distress. Great team, great class!


I’ve taken numerous CPR classes and so after the 10th course the material can get a bit dry. However, Josh presented the required information in an entertaining and memorable way…

Rick N.

Premier Aquatics has successfully CPR/First Aid certified both my 10 year old, as well as our 26 year old daughters(she needed to renew for her job as a RDA)… Thank you Premier!

Ramona G.

I took the CPR course yesterday in Temecula. The instructor Josh Dentry did an awesome job with the class. I’ve taken the course before with a different company but as of yesterday this has been the best class I have taken and feel like I have learned a lot from it.

Vanessa L.

I did the online portion with the life skills check. The online course was very informative and helpful and Heather did a great job explaining everything and doing a live skills check! The best CPR/first aid/AED class I’ve taken!

Anne Marie Auriemma

I’ve taken CPR/First Aid/AED classes before, but this class at Premier was probably one of the most enjoyable ones I’ve attended…I would highly recommend to anyone who needs to take a CPR/First Aid class.

Stephanie C.

This class was great our teacher was awesome made it fun. Made us all laugh. I felt he was very knowledgeable and had lots of real life experience. I have taken a for class very 2 years since I was 18. I am almost 27 and this by far was one of the best experiences.


Fun and helpful! Quick and straight forward.

David Burke

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We pride ourselves in teaching fun and informative classes, and we are actively looking for new instructors to join our team! Just looking for a summer or year-round Lifeguard position? We’ve got those too!

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