With the arrival of the Thanksgiving holiday, most of us are enjoying the process of identifying all the blessings in our lives.  From happy families to the roofs over our heads, the possibilities for gratitude are endless.

In staying true to the holiday, the team at Premier Aquatics Services wanted to share some of the things we are thankful for this year.

The Premier Team:  Many work environments have colleagues, but at Premier, we are blessed to work each day with friends.  Every one of our staff members understands the value of a team, and together, we get to enjoy each day of work.

Giggles, Cheers, Smiles, and Accomplishments:  Whether through our swim team programs or our swim lessons, we get to be a part of joyful moments for both children and adults.  With each achievement, we get to hear our favorite sounds – the giggles and cheers of success – and see our favorite sights – accomplished smiles and laughter.

Happy Families and Individuals:  On a daily basis, it amazes us to see how many happy people walk through our doors.  To say we value our clients would be such an understatement; we are thankful to work with some of the best individuals Southern California has to offer.

Teaching Lifesaving Skills:  Through our health and safety classes, we teach our clients skills that can save lives.  Four of our clients (that we know of) have used those skills to directly save someone else’s life.  We are unbelievably grateful to be able to share those skills and contribute to the wellbeing of our community.

Doing What We Love:  Somewhere along the line, someone said it’s not work if you love what you’re doing.  Our company is driven by passion, and while some days may seem longer than others, we get to do what we love everyday.

Doing MORE of What We Love:  This year has brought significant opportunity for Premier Aquatics Services; we feel truly blessed to be expanding our services in the upcoming year, so we can address more of our community’s needs.

From our “family” to yours, the entire team at Premier Aquatics Services wishes you a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.